Mental health training: How to lay the foundations for cultural change

25 Nov 2021

Discover why Nationwide harnessed Mental Health Foundations Training to upskill its staff, and how you can do the same.


Did you know: simply learning about mental health can improve mental wellbeing? It means the phrase ‘Knowledge is power’ is, officially-speaking, backed by science.

Add to this the stat that 1 in 6 UK workers experience mental ill-health in any given week. And the obvious fact we all have mental health, just like we do physical health. Surely then, you'd think a high-quality mental health learning scheme – that arms staff with the insight they need to help themselves, as well as their workmates – represents a slam-dunk investment?

And you’d be right.

There are various well-meaning training courses around today, with most providing a basic understanding of mental health. But they can also come complete with pitfalls. Like being accidentally elitist (due to cost, which sees only senior staff attend). Or a little unethical (as those who do complete training risk being saddled with expectation to dispense wellbeing wisdom, despite not being trained therapists).

Another way does exist, however. It’s bite-sized, low (sometimes no) cost, and accessible to everyone. Best of all, it’s based on leading science – which means it's evidence-based – yet doesn’t place too much pressure on any one person.

Introducing: Mental Health Foundations Training

In our new handbook, Mental Health Foundations Training: What it is, why it’s needed, and how it can empower your colleagues, you’ll find out:

  • What Mental Health Foundations Training (MHFT) is, and the six core topics that make up the programme.
  • How MHFT solves common issues around flexibility, scalability, accessibility, ethics, and cost. 
  • How this all works in practice – through the eyes of the world’s biggest building society: Nationwide.
  • The stats that show MHFT’s impact on staff.


Unmind _ MHFT_Nationwide (UK)

Click the button below to download the guide, and take a big first step towards unlocking the knowledge – and power – that will boost the mental health of your colleagues, and company, alike.


For further guidance

To find out more about launching a proactive and preventative workplace mental health strategy with Unmind, get in touch following this link. 


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