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Sleep-deprived staff and those with low mood could cost you thousands. Here’s how to help them

Want protection from presenteeism? For every employee using Unmind to support their mood or sleep, your organisation could unlock estimated annual savings of up to £5,049 a year.

Where are we now? A global snapshot of mental health at work

Change doesn’t just happen. That's why Unmind quizzed 1,200 knowledge workers around the world about mental health and wellbeing. Intrigued? You will be. And informed.

Sleep science: Part three – CBT, digital interventions and our Unmind Sleep Tools study

In this final blog we’ll introduce the ideas behind CBT for sleep, the different types of digital interventions, and introduce our Unmind Sleep Tools study. 

16 Jun 2022

Sleep science: Part two – Patterns, problems, and how to optimise sleep

In this part, we’ll look at how sleep patterns vary, common issues to look out for, and recommend some tips for optimising your sleep. 

16 Jun 2022

Sleep science: Part 1 – Why sleep matters, and how to measure it

Sleep is so important, we devote a third of our lives to it. This series delves into the science behind sleep, common issues, and how to get even better rest.

16 Jun 2022

Swing and a hit! Unmind and MLB team up to drive cultural change in baseball and beyond

Joining Orlando Magic and Wolves as an Unmind elite sport partner, Major League Baseball’s commitment to mental health is a literal game-changer. Here’s why.

How to stop the scroll: 8 insights about loneliness and connection

Missed our webinar: Stop the scroll? Get the 8 top takeaways and watch the on-demand session here.

26 May 2022

Champion Spotlight: Wolverhampton Wanderers – the club with a community that cares

As corks fly for their two-year Unmindiversary, discover how Wolverhampton Wanderers delivers on its wellbeing goals.

19 May 2022

Change starts here: How to create a culture that’s mentally healthy

Our latest handbook will show you how to create a company culture that's mentally healthy.

19 May 2022

free stop the scroll phone screensavers for mental health awareness month

Free Stop The Scroll Screensavers

Download FREE phone screensavers to stop the scroll – part of Unmind's Mental Health Awareness campaign.

18 May 2022

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