Life After Lockdown with Dr Kate Daley

24 Jun 2020

Mindfully moving forward.

The pandemic has presented us all with many challenges, forcing us to respond with a number of physical and psychological adjustments.

Discussions around ‘life after lockdown’ signal a new phase, which some will welcome with great optimism whilst others notice signs of worry creeping in. 

With restrictions beginning to ease, we’ve collaborated with Dr Kate Daley to create the Life After Lockdown Series. As the title implies, this Series is designed to help users face some of the challenges of life after lockdown. It aims to help address worry and anxiety, to manage mood during times of change, and to ultimately prepare us for the new challenges we may face.

We’ve written this Series to help users take proactive steps to protect their own mental health during this difficult time. Topics covered include worry and anxiety management, value-based living, kindness, and compassion. Each day consists of a practical exercise to provide users with experiential learning. 

What is a Series?

Series are self-guided programmes, designed to educate, facilitate reflection, and equip users with strategies to thrive in life. Created in collaboration with clinicians, academics, and field experts, and delivered via the Unmind app, Series are broken down into bite-sized segments lasting a couple of minutes a day – perfect for busy diaries!

Download our activity booklet for a taster of the Life after Lockdown Series and where you’ll find some short exercises to help you through this next period of change. 

Download booklet

However you are feeling around returning to work in life after lockdown, you can take practical steps to prepare your mind. And remember:

While we are all in this rough sea together, we aren’t necessarily all travelling in the same  boat.

To learn more about Unmind's range of self-guided programmes, tools and resources, book a chat with one of our workplace mental health technology specialists.

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