Watch: How Virgin Media employees are using Unmind, in their own words

16 Jul 2021

We spoke to Virgin Media staff about their experience of our whole-person, digital mental health platform. What they said was truly illuminating, and warrants both your eyes and time

Virgin Media launched Unmind to its 12,500 employees in September 2020. Since then, many of the British telecom giant’s staff have evolved from mere user to strong advocate – so, when we asked if they’d sit down for a chat about the platform, they came armed with solid gold thoughts.

What were your first thoughts upon discovering Unmind?

Virgin Media staff reflect on their first impressions – with talk of belonging, mental balance, and the joy of (and occasional need for) a good bedtime story.

How do you typically check in on your mental health?

We like to say that what gets measured, gets managed. In other words, understanding what causes your mood to ebb and flow across the day is the first step towards improving it. Long term, this knowledge can empower you to limit what stresses you or, even better, do more of what makes you happy.


What's your favourite part of the Unmind app?

Discover the wide range of content on Unmind – including Mental Health Foundations Training, Firesides and Soundscapes – as told by Virgin Media’s people.


Who have you shared Unmind with through the Plus One feature?

Since last November, every Unmind user has had a Plus One: that is, the ability to give a loved one free access to the platform. Why? Because everyone has the right to a healthy mind. By nurturing strong relationships with those around us, we can help foster positive attitudes towards mental health. Here are Virgin Media employees’ experience of the feature.


What have you learnt about yourself through using Unmind?

Our mission is to help employees live more balanced and fulfilling lives, by reframing the way they (and their organisations) think about mental health. Because, far from a problem, it’s the key to feeling happy, present and productive. Here, one Virgin Media staffer shares their personal epiphanies.


What would you like to share with colleagues or friends?

According to our Virgin Media advocates, everyone – even “burly field installers … your typical white van man” – would benefit from using Unmind. After all, it’s not a case of putting yourself under a microscope, more holding up a mirror. And, as shown here, doing so can spark all manner of insights.


Want to learn more?

Virgin Media is one of many companies, including Uber, British Airways, Marks & Spencer, and Samsung, that uses Unmind to empower their employees to lead more balanced and fulfilling lives.

If your organisation isn't one of them, and you want to learn more about nurturing mental health with Unmind, click here to book a chat with one of our specialists.

If you do have access to Unmind through your employer but are unsure how to get started, why not take a look here?

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