Workplace wellbeing

Our latest posts on mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Keeping race on the agenda

Clinical psychologist Dr Fabienne Palmer outlines how employers and business leaders can continue conversations about race equality in the workplace. 

Supporting Unmind users through Covid-19

When the coronavirus pandemic seized the world, the team at Unmind knew we could help our users to proactively protect their mental health in the face of many unknowns. We were humbled by their feedback, and are proud to share the impact of our efforts.

Life After Lockdown with Dr Kate Daley

With restrictions beginning to ease, we’ve collaborated with Dr Kate Daley to create the Life After Lockdown Series.

Finding fulfilment at work with Dr Joe Oliver

Dr. Joe Oliver discusses the importance of fulfiling work, and how employers can help their teams to find it.

Has Covid-19 shifted perceptions of mental health for good?

We teamed up with REBA to explore how Covid-19 has impacted employee mental health and what this means for organisations.

Working well in isolation #2: Health

Part two of our working well in isolation series explores the importance of physical health to our mental wellbeing.

Working well in isolation #1: Coping

This series explores the seven areas of mental wellbeing to look out for while working in isolation. 'Coping' is how well we're managing with new demands.

Webinar Recording: Supporting the mental health of a distributed workforce

Two-thirds of employers say supporting employee mental health is a key challenges during the coronavirus crisis. In this webinar, we explore how. 

How to drive cultural change around mental health through communication

Celebrities, royals and politicians have made invaluable contributions towards destigmatising mental health, but the greatest opportunity lies with employers