Workplace wellbeing

Our latest posts on mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Navigating COVID-19 with Dr Heather Bolton

Dr Heather Bolton discusses the launch of our new Series, Navigating COVID-19, designed to tackle the mental health challenges presented by the pandemic.

The importance of technology in improving workplace mental health

Now more than ever, technology is proving to be an essential tool in effectively improving mental health at work.

Breathe in and out: Tune in to Unmind Live

While the coronavirus is a physical condition, its impact on our workforces' mental wellbeing mustn't be overlooked.

23 Mar 2020

Introducing the Great Unminds community Slack channel

In these uncertain times, it's never been more important to stay informed and connected. To promote workplace mental health, we've accelerated plans to launch our open Slack community channel, and you're invited to join. 

Mental Health and Masculinity

As part of Men's Health Awareness Month, we spoke to Edward Corrie about masculinity and mental health.

Exploring men's mental health

For Men's Mental Health Awareness Month, we've explored some of the influences on men's mental health and what helps maintain healthy wellbeing.

Everything you need to know about stress

We speak about stress a lot. But what is stress and how do our everyday choices affect the way we cope with it?

Menopause and Mental Health

Women have a more comfortable experience of the menopause when armed with the right knowledge, so we need to understand menopause more.

Food to boost productivity with Sue Luscombe

Sue Luscombe – the creator of our new Series, Eat For Energy – explores the ways a nutritious diet can help us to thrive in life and work.

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