Workplace wellbeing

Our latest posts on mental wellbeing in the workplace.

5 things we can learn about wellbeing from Māori culture

We looked at New Zealand's Māori model for health to identify the five key foundations of wellbeing.

25 Sep 2020

New restrictions: What this means for mental health at work

With new restrictions announced in the UK, we explore the implications to mental health, and how employers around the world can help teams to deal with ambiguity. 

Suicide Prevention Day 2020: Let's talk

Suicide Prevention Day is about creating a world where fewer people die of suicide. This post explores the phenomenon, and the things we can all do to help prevent it.

Coping with bereavement with Dr Olivia Merriman-Khanna

Our latest Series is designed to help you navigate the emotional challenges of grief and mourning. We spoke to its creator to find out more. 

Mental health at work: Why personalisation matters

Why personalisation is key to successful mental health strategies – and five steps to personalising your organisation's approach at scale.

How to play to your strengths

Dr Hazel Harrison explores how to identify and capitalise on our finest assets to get the most from life.

9 considerations for future-proofing your mental health strategy

Our new handbook, How to build a proactive mental health strategy in a post-Covid world, will help you to future-proof your wellbeing programme. 

Watch: Being your fullest self with Lady Phyll and Remi Arnold

In our latest Firesides podcast, Remi Arnold and Lady Phyll discuss the importance of bringing our fullest selves to all aspects of life.

The impact of L&D with Unmind

We analysed the impact and outcomes of our four Foundational Series. Here's what we found. 

Improving sleep with Unmind

Here's how our Maximising Sleep campaign improved the quality of sleep for Unmind users by 9%.