Measurement matters: Part 3 – How we developed and tested the Unmind Index

How do we know the Unmind Index works? This final blog unpacks how we developed the Index, and why you can trust it’s doing its job properly.

17 May 2022

Measurement matters: Part 2 – What’s so special about the Unmind Index?

In our last blog, we explored the need for the Unmind Index. This part will provide more detail, and how the Index can help you reflect on your MHWB over time.

17 May 2022

Measurement matters: Part 1 – Why we need to measure mental health and wellbeing scientifically

The Unmind Index is a unique feature on our platform. This series digs into the power of measurement, the thinking behind the Unmind Index, and why it works.

17 May 2022

Research at Unmind: Part 3 – Ethics, responsibility and trust

This third and final part of this series illustrates some of the best practices we apply to make sure we’re conducting research in a way that’s ethical, responsible and trustworthy.

23 Sep 2021

Research at Unmind: Part 2 – Our research roadmap

In part two of this series, we share the thinking behind our research roadmap and show you some of our research plans for 2021.

23 Sep 2021

Research at Unmind: Part 1 – Our mission and the importance of efficacy

From day one, science has been at the heart of what we do at Unmind. This series will walk you through how we approach the research that gives our platform its evidence base.

23 Sep 2021