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5 things we learned in conversation with Origin Energy’s Deirdre Lewis

Our CEO and co-founder Nick Taylor talks to Origin Energy's Deirdre Lewis, who shares her top five learnings of leading through the Covid-19 pandemic.

21 Oct 2020

Ep6. In conversation with... Louise Aston

Are we ready to return to work? This episode explores the psychological challenges posed by the easing of lockdown and returning to the workplace.

Ep5. In conversation with... Josh Krichefski

Maintaining a sympathetic inner voice and amplifying employee wellbeing initiatives. Episode 5 welcomes Josh Krichefski.

Ep4. In conversation with... Dhiren Master

Financial wellness and mental health are intertwined, and both are being impacted by unfolding events. Episode 4 welcomes Salary Finance's Dhiren Master.

Ep3. In conversation with... Monika Misra

Why it's now more important than ever to fully know, listen to, and connect with your employees. In episode three, we're in conversation with Monika Misra.

Ep2. In conversation with... Poppy Jaman OBE

Navigating coronavirus at work and the light at the end of the tunnel: Episode two of the ‘In conversation with…’ podcast welcomes Poppy Jaman OBE.

Ep1. In conversation with... Yulia O’Mahony and Dr Heather Bolton

As workplaces across the world navigate the challenges posed by the coronavirus, we’ll be discussing the implications with experts in our new podcast.