Introducing Unmind 2.0

14 Oct 2019

A proactive approach to mental wellbeing 

A healthy mind is the most powerful factor in fulfilling our potential, which, when looked after becomes an opportunity to thrive.

It equips us to decipher complex problems. Dream up new ideas and innovations. Deal with setbacks, strains, and stresses. Determine the way forward and deliver excellence. Every day and in every area of our lives.

That's why we started Unmind. We know that prevention is better than cure. And we believe that looking after our health means caring for the whole human. So we founded Unmind to empower every individual with expert support to improve their mental health - anywhere, anytime whether they're feeling monochrome, full colour, or any shade in between.

It's with a proactive and preventative approach that we aim to change how we all view our mental health. Everyone has the right to a healthy mind and through embedding Unmind into the working environment and day to day life of employees and organisations, we have created a community of change champions, leaders and users who see mental health as an opportunity to challenge workplace cultures and accept and embrace our mental health as something aspirational and pertinent to us all.

Workplace mental wellbeing 

We know that mental health issues are not confined to one area of our lives', to understand workplace mental health, we must look at the different mental health challenges that we face as a society and how they translate into the workplace. 

Employers increasingly want people to bring their authentic selves to work and contribute with their personalities, experience and instincts, as much as their skill set. For that, it is therefore essential that organisations look after not only the employee, but the whole person, and that includes mental wellbeing in and outside of the workplace.

Introducing Unmind 2.0

Unmind is a digital platform that puts 'U' at the heart of your mental health. We see mental health as a spectrum and aim to support you at every stage, whether you need a mood boost, a helping hand through tough times or tips attaining peak mental performance. 

Using the best of modern psychology, technology and design, we've put our strengths together to redefine how we approach mental health and support people towards being their best selves. We look at mental health in a new way. Our minds make us uniquely human and power our ability to think, feel, build meaningful relationships and thrive. 

Here at Unmind, we know we must adapt to a rapidly evolving world to support our users' needs. We've always had big plans, technology with a purpose, and our users are the fuel behind them. Our users have shared fantastic feedback and ideas since we launched back in 2017, and now it's our turn to act on that. Our latest platform provides a new foundation for the future of proactive mental health care, and we can't wait for you to discover it.

Same platform, updated look and feel 

We've enhanced the look and feel to help our users better explore Unmind's content and features; seamless movement and scrolls between areas of the platform ensure users can navigate with ease. 

We're welcoming a modern, yet personable design that's not only beautiful (well, we think so) but will allow users to make the most out of what the platform has to offer.

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New content layout

Our library of content grows every month, and that's mostly due to suggestions from our users. To support this ever-increasing range, users can now find our series grouped into helpful categories and select outcome-driven content at a glance. 

Alongside giving our oldest series a revamp, we're continuing to work with the world's top experts and academics to create content which fits the ever-evolving needs of the modern workforce. From talking about menopause and beating burnout, to yoga videos and musical interludes, the platform has something for everyone, and it covers the entire spectrum of mental health.

A better bot

We're teaching our resident bot, Zeno, to be more responsive. Over time, Zeno will understand more about a user's wellbeing and will be able to guide users more accurately to the content or support they need, when they need it. In the future, it'll be able to recommend a series based on an Index score and send personalised reminders or messages.

Growing gratitude 

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build stronger relationships. 

Praise will now feature in the main navigation bar, making it more accessible to users. Seamlessly share gratitude with your colleagues and help build a positive mental health community.

The Unmind Index 2.0

At the heart of the Unmind platform sits the Unmind Index - a set of questions to assess your wellbeing, which in turn helps users to frame, track and measure their mental health journey over time. It captures elements that are fundamental to wellbeing and dependent on a user's score can direct them to Unmind content that best fits their needs. 

For the Unmind Index 2.0, our Psychology and Data Science teams delved deep into the definition of wellbeing. From how we sleep to how we connect with one another, they looked at everything that defines how we feel, and how best to measure it. In doing so, we've enhanced the Index to consider additional areas of wellbeing; it now measures fulfilment, connection, sleep, coping, happiness, calmness and health.

The Unmind Index empowers you with knowledge and insight so you can focus your attention on key areas to nurture your wellbeing. It signposts you to the most helpful Unmind content for your needs, so really it's like your roadmap to better mental health.

Dr Heather Bolton, Head of Psychology


Benefits of The Unmind Index 2.0 

  • Unlike many existing measures, the Index combines both symptoms of mental health problems and wellbeing 
  • The Index gives personalised feedback to help make sense of your scores 
  • Diagnosis isn't always helpful. The Index focuses on symptoms and supports you in getting help to address those. Rather than giving you a label 
  • The Index gives you immediate feedback, so you can see straight away how your results compute
  • The Index also offers bespoke recommendations so you can take action to work on the lowest scoring domains

What next?

Now that we've released Unmind 2.0, we have the perfect canvas for more exciting updates and features. Over the coming months, this will include more Series, new tools, mental health foundation training, and more.

The launch of Unmind 2.0 has been an enormous team effort that's been months in the making. The result? An upgraded platform to help you navigate your mind and ultimately deliver on our mission to support the mental health of millions of people across the globe.

We're humbled to have you on this journey with us and look forward to seeing you on Unmind 2.0 soon!

To find out more about Unmind, the launch of our new product, or the clients that we're supporting, please get in touch here.

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