Introducing the Great Unminds community Slack channel

5 Feb 2020

Introducing the #GreatUnminds Slack community channel

In these uncertain times, it's never been more important to stay informed and connected. To promote workplace mental health amid the outbreak and beyond, we've accelerated plans to launch our open Slack community channel, and you're invited to join. 

What is #GreatUnminds

#GreatUnminds is an open community channel on Slack where like-minded wellbeing leaders can make connections, learn tips and share advice on all things workplace mental wellbeing. 

What shall I expect?

In the coming days and weeks, expect information, advice and support around managing workplace mental wellbeing in isolation, remote working best practices, maintaining productivity and much more.

This is a community run channel, so everyone is encouraged to contribute and keep the conversation flowing. 

Who is this for?

The channel is free to access and open to wellbeing leaders and champions responsible for strategy in organisations across the world, whether you're an Unmind customer or not. 

How do I get involved?

Simply fill in the form below and we'll email you an invite. Once you're in, introduce yourself with a short message and enjoy!


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