Inside Unmind: Meet the Product and Engineering teams

29 Jul 2020

Meet Dan and Sophie. 

Dan Clarke, Full Stack Developer, and Sophie Owen, Product Manager, discuss what it's been like working at Unmind through the pandemic, their plans for the coming months, and why now couldn't be a better time for you to join. 

In the previous post, we explored why we created Unmind, and how we use psychology to help employees understand and improve their mental health.

Now we turn our attention to the technology that underpins our approach.

For those joining us here, Unmind is a workplace platform that combines clinical psychology with innovative technology to help employees measurably improve their mental health.

Addressing mental wellbeing in this way is good for a couple of reasons. Firstly, on an individual level, understanding our brains makes life more meaningful and fulfilling. And secondly, inclusive and sustainable working practices lead to better productivity and performance for businesses. (It’s like capitalism for hippies, man.) 

We launched V2 of the platform last year and have a super-smart team of engineers with big plans to develop it further through 2020.

Just Eat, John Lewis, and ASOS are a few of the companies partnering with Unmind to proactively support their teams’ mental health.

Thanks to these progressive powerhouses and the commitment of our wonderful team, we’re delighted to have secured another major round of funding and to be hiring for new roles across the company.

Especially in Product and Engineering.

So if you're up for changing the way workplaces deal with mental health, and would like to know a little more about life at Unmind, you’re in the right place.

We caught up with Full Stack Developer, Dan Clarke, and Product Manager, Sophie Owen to talk shop.

Hi Dan. First things first, how has it been working at Unmind through the pandemic?

Dan 1Dan: Working at Unmind during the pandemic has been really smooth. Everyone has pulled together and is very understanding of our individual circumstances – whether we're living alone (and perhaps need a bit more contact), or maybe sharing a small amount of space with others (and need a few minutes to find somewhere before we can jump on a call).

There is definitely a feeling that we're open and accepting of our neurodiversity. I'm personally fine with not having a lot of personal contact, but I completely understand that many of us thrive on increased interaction.

So why did you join Unmind?

Dan 1Dan: I wanted a change of direction and to work somewhere that really practices what it preaches. I heard about the people, the ways of working, and the technology from an inside source and was excited to apply.

What about you, Sophie, how have you found the last few months at Unmind?

Sophie 1Sophie: Working at Unmind during a global pandemic has made me realise, once again, how much I value my job and the people that I work with as it gives me a great sense of fulfilment and connection, all whilst wearing anything elasticated! Amidst a global pandemic, it has never been more important to nurture our mental health and I’m proud to be a small cog in the wheel of Unmind helping others to do just that.

And what attracted you to Unmind in the first place?

Sophie 1Sophie: The chance to work on something that can make a real difference to peoples’ lives. We all have direct or indirect experience with mental health illnesses and it’s incredibly rewarding to know the work you’re doing could completely alter the course of someone’s day, week, or maybe even life. That’s worth getting out of bed everyday for.

What’s the single thing you both like most about working at Unmind?

Sophie 1Sophie: Talking to our users and hearing how much of a positive impact Unmind has had on their lives. It’s very humbling.

Dan 1Dan: Being part of a team of smart and productive people that treat each other with respect and kindness, all contributing to develop a product that positively impacts people’s lives.

What’s on the horizon for the rest of 2020 for you at Unmind?

Dan 1Dan: Scaling-up our architecture, continuing to build and develop the apps, adding great features, and making the existing ones even easier to use.

Sophie 1Sophie: Evolving our product by tackling some of our most pressing user problems, working as part of a growing cross-functional product team and connecting with more and more of our users to hear their Unmind stories.

Any advice for anyone considering joining Unmind?

Dan 1Dan: We strongly value things like active listening, celebrating our diversity, and working collaboratively in teams. As well as knowing your subject area, I would advise anyone considering joining Unmind to have a passing familiarity with how we position mental health – it’s something that we all have and not something to be stigmatised.

Sophie 1Sophie: The attitudinal change that we have seen in mental health in the last few years has been monumental, but we still have a fair way to go. Be the change you want to see and work alongside exceptional people at the same time.

We're on the lookout for exceptional people for roles across the business, so even if you don't see a perfect fit in the jobs listed below, do get in touch and we'll take it from there.

Follow the link below to explore our openings in Product, Engineering, and pretty much all other teams.

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