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Steve Peralta

Chief Evangelist

'Reassessing Happiness' with Fearne Cotton: 3 key reflections

How can we navigate towards compassion, rather than division, in the post-pandemic world? Steve Peralta reflects on his conversation with Fearne Cotton, ‘Reassessing Happiness’.

27 Oct 2021

Yoga: The latest addition to the Unmind Tools collection

Yoga benefits mental wellbeing, so we've teamed up with four yoga teachers to film over 60 videos for the platform. We sat down with a few to find out more

18 Oct 2019

Tackling Panic with Dr Blake Stobie

Dr Blake Stobie created our Tackling Panic Series. We talked to him about his clinical work and his love for CBT.

3 Tips for Working With Worry

Dr Kate Daley, the creator of our Working With Worry Series talks about her top tips for tackling worry.

10 May 2019

Music for the Mind

Composers, James Hannay and Jonjo Grisdale, tell us what it was like to work on our music-based tools.

Health Anxiety with Jo Rodriquez

We interviewed Jo Rodriguez, the creator of our Health Anxiety Series, about herself and how she found writing her first Unmind Series.

12 Apr 2019

The power of practicing compassion

Compassion is important, here we explore the importance of understanding it's power.

Chasing Perfection

Dr Jane McNicholas shares her thoughts on the unrealistic expectations we sometimes set for ourselves.

20 Nov 2018

Dr Kate Daley on Procrastination

Dr Kate Daley, tells us a bit more about herself and what her thoughts are on her Series - Beat Procrastination.

18 Oct 2018

Eating Your Way to Happiness

What's the link between food and mental health and does changing the way we eat affect it?