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Sam Musguin-Rowe

5 ways to approach control in a crisis

Right now, there are countless things you are powerless to change. So let’s focus instead on the things you can do.

15 things every leader needs to know about burnout

Missed the Unmind x Culture Amp webinar: Preventing burnout through cultural change? Don’t stress, here are 15(!) takeaways, plus another chance to watch.

ISO 45003: Part III – A new approach to (mental) health and safety, in 5 powerful steps

The pandemic, plus new ISO guidelines, is sparking a global rethink of employee wellbeing. Want to deliver lasting change at your organisation? Read on.

ISO 45003: Part II – Who drives psychological safety at Unmind?

Two Unminders explain what employee wellbeing means to them, what this looks like at Unmind, and why it should matter at every organisation.

ISO 45003: Part I – What it means for workplace mental health, your staff, and you

An employer’s guide to the history-making standard, how this will drive cultural change, and why it’s sparking a major shake-up of how we understand health and safety.

Employee experience and mental health: Part 3 – Moving on, moving out, moving over

In this last extract, we look at ‘the great resignation’, the importance of A+ offboarding, and why this holds a mirror to your culture and leadership.

Employee experience and mental health: Part 2 – Growing and evolving

Discover what hybrid work means for your people, the importance of robust resilience, plus why inclusion and wellbeing schemes are needed more than ever.

Employee experience and mental health: Part 1 – Finding and joining

The world of work has changed forever. And so have its workers. Our new handbook will equip you for what's next. To start, here's a series of snippets.

Mental health training: How to lay the foundations for cultural change

Discover why Nationwide harnessed Mental Health Foundations Training to upskill its staff, and how you can do the same.