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Paul Watson

How to stop the scroll: 8 insights about loneliness and connection

Missed our webinar: Stop the scroll? Get the 8 top takeaways and watch the on-demand session here.

26 May 2022

Change starts here: How to create a culture that’s mentally healthy

Our latest handbook will show you how to create a company culture that's mentally healthy.

19 May 2022

The cost of living crisis at work: How organisations can protect employee mental health

Financial stress can gnaw into our lives and wreck our wellbeing. Employers can’t control soaring costs, but they can support staff mental health. Here's how.

3 May 2022

Are you burned out or just tired? Find out in 15 minutes

Jonathan Malesic, author of The End of Burnout, took 15 minutes to explain why he became an accidental burnout expert, and how you can support your staff.

22 Apr 2022

Feeling the heat? Read this to beat burnout

Our brand new handbook is here. Learn what you can do today to protect staff from burnout, and why a post-burnout future is possible.

22 Apr 2022