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Dr Heather Bolton

Head of Psychology

5 tips for a mentally healthy holiday season

Our Psychology team shares a short guide on supporting your mental health over the the holiday season.

Race, racism and mental health – part 3: The future of racial equality and mental health

In the final part of this series, Dr Heather Bolton and Dr Fabienne Palmer talk about the future of racial equality and mental health.

Race, racism and mental health - part 2: Bias and prejudice in access to care

Our second post in this series sees Dr Heather Bolton and clinical psychologist Dr Fabienne Palmer examining the barriers to access in mental health care.

Race, racism and mental health - part 1: Interpersonal versus institutional racism

The first post in this 3-part series explores interpersonal vs institutional racism, and why we need to challenge assumptions to build a more equal society.

Mental Health and Masculinity

As part of Men's Health Awareness Month, we spoke to Edward Corrie about masculinity and mental health.

Mental Health 101: PTSD

The next instalment of Mental Health 101 is on PTSD. Dr Heather Bolton explains the neurological basis of it and how you can treat it.

Mental Health 101: Panic

In this instalment, we look at the link between anxiety and panic and how CBT can help people break their panic cycle.

Food to Boost Mood with Raewyn Guerrero

Our Food to Boost Mood Series was created by Raewyn Guerrero. We asked her to tell us a little bit more about herself and her work in nutrition.

Mental Health 101: Depression

We briefly look depression at what feeds its development and maintenance and we touch on approaches to treatment.

Mental Health 101: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a robust approach for treating a wealth of common mental health issues.