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Mental Wellbeing Calendar 2020

To kick start the year we've collated the key dates that you should be aware of in 2020!

6 Jan 2020

Mental Health and Masculinity

As part of Men's Health Awareness Month, we spoke to Edward Corrie about masculinity and mental health.

Exploring men's mental health

For Men's Mental Health Awareness Month, we've explored some of the influences on men's mental health and what helps maintain healthy wellbeing.

14 Nov 2019

Everything you need to know about stress

We speak about stress a lot. But what is stress and how do our everyday choices affect the way we cope with it?

6 Nov 2019

Mental Health 101: PTSD

The next instalment of Mental Health 101 is on PTSD. Dr Heather Bolton explains the neurological basis of it and how you can treat it.

Menopause and Mental Health

Women have a more comfortable experience of the menopause when armed with the right knowledge, so we need to understand menopause more.

26 Oct 2019

Yoga: The latest addition to the Unmind Tools collection

Yoga benefits mental wellbeing, so we've teamed up with four yoga teachers to film over 60 videos for the platform. We've sat down with a few of them to find out more.

18 Oct 2019

Introducing Unmind 2.0

A healthy mind is the most powerful factor in fulfilling our potential, which, when looked after becomes an opportunity to thrive.

14 Oct 2019

Understanding Menopause with Professor Myra Hunter

Professor Myra Hunter explains what impact the menopause can have, and what to expect from our new Understanding Menopause Series.

30 Sep 2019

Mental Health 101: Panic

In this instalment, we look at the link between anxiety and panic and how CBT can help people break their panic cycle.

Introducing Emma, our positive body competition winner

Meet Emma our amazing Positive Body Image competition winner and find out what she's been up to with her prize money.

17 Sep 2019

Cultivating Mindfulness with Choden

Former Buddhist monk and Unmind collaborator, Choden, tells us his story and shares his thoughts about mindfulness in the modern world.

12 Sep 2019

World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day 2019, we take a look at the latest UK statistics on suicide and consider the importance of prevention.

11 Sep 2019

#ScrollFreeSeptember 2019

In an increasingly digital society, there has been growing interest in what effect the use of social media might ultimately have on our mental health.

1 Sep 2019

Food to Boost Mood with Raewyn Guerrero

We've just released our new Series on Food to Boost Mood, created by Raewyn Guerrero. We asked her to tell us a little bit more about herself and her work in nutrition.

In Conversation With...William Hill

Sam Watson from William Hill shares how they are using Unmind to help employees thrive in the workplace.

20 Aug 2019

Mental Health 101: Depression

We briefly look depression at what feeds its development and maintenance and we touch on approaches to treatment.

Mental Health 101: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a robust approach for treating a wealth of common mental health issues.

Ellie's Work Experience at Unmind

Ellie is a 16-year-old student who joined us for her work experience week. Read about her experience and learnings here.

Tackling Panic with Dr Blake Stobie

Dr Blake Stobie created our Tackling Panic Series. We talked to him about his clinical work and his love for CBT.

Mental Health 101: Generalised Anxiety

Worry is something that most of us experience, we explore different ways of managing worry to reduce its impact on our lives.

Mental Health 101: Emotions

Emotions are essential for humans to thrive, and certainly not something to shy away from. Our latest blog explores some of the functions of emotions.

Mental Health 101: OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one of the most misunderstood of all common mental health problems.

Five Tips To Help Prevent Burnout

Our body gives us warning signs when burnout is approaching but what are they and what can we do to help overcome burnout?

22 Jul 2019

Employee Mental Wellbeing - A Diverse and Rich Spectrum

Mental health is diverse and rich, read about our top tips on taking a holistic approach to workplace mental health.

15 Jul 2019

Mental Health 101: Positive Psychology

We explore the science of positive psychology and consider how we can embed its core principles.

11 Jul 2019

Introducing Mental Health 101

A series, driven by our Head of Psychology, that sets to explain key mental health questions.

Unmind with Pride

We’re committed to measurably improving the mental health of 10 million people – that’s at least 700,000 LGBTQ+ people.

8 Jul 2019

In Conversation With...Just Eat

We sat down with Just Eat's, Global Culture and Inclusion Partner, Hannah Millard to talk all things Imposter Syndrome in the workplace.

4 Jul 2019

Persistent Pain with Dr Christine Bonathan

Dr Christine Bonathan, creator of our Persistent Pain Series explains her experience working in pain management.

Dr Jane McNicholas on Body Image

Dr Jane McNicholas talks about the importance of appreciating and respecting your body.

17 May 2019

Jonny Benjamin on Body Image

Jonny Benjamin MBE joins us to talk about all things body image, from the role of social media to the impact of sexuality and gender.

16 May 2019

3 Tips for Working With Worry

Dr Kate Daley, the creator of our Working With Worry Series talks about her top tips for tackling worry.

10 May 2019

Music for the Mind

Composers, James Hannay and Jonjo Grisdale, tell us what it was like to work on our music-based tools.

Health Anxiety with Jo Rodriquez

We interviewed Jo Rodriguez, the creator of our Health Anxiety Series, about herself and how she found writing her first Unmind Series.

12 Apr 2019

The power of practicing compassion

Compassion is important, here we explore the importance of understanding it's power.

The Women of Unmind

We sat down with the women of Unmind including to discuss working in technology, startups, and female leadership.

Children's Mental Health Week 2019

For Children's Mental Health Week we asked Dr Hazel Harrison gives some tips to help boost wellbeing in children.

4 Feb 2019

Transforming Habits

Dr Jane McNicholas, creator of our Transforming Habits Series, gives us a few tips on how to make lasting, effective changes.

Unmind in 2018

As the year draws to a close we've been reflecting on an incredible twelve months at Unmind.

21 Dec 2018

Chasing Perfection

Dr Jane McNicholas shares her thoughts on the unrealistic expectations we sometimes set for ourselves.

20 Nov 2018

Coping in Hard Times

Our Series, Coping in Hard Times, is designed to help people adapt and adjust to stressful life events.

Employee Mental Wellbeing

Supporting employee mental wellbeing in the workplace is, rightfully, a growing priority for organisations worldwide.

24 Oct 2018

Teaching Children About The Brain

Ever wondered how to teach the children about the brain? Dr Hazel Harrison explains some methods.

24 Oct 2018

Mental Wellbeing in Men

Compared to women men are much less likely to talk about their mental health, but why?

Dr Kate Daley on Procrastination

Dr Kate Daley, tells us a bit more about herself and what her thoughts are on her Series - Beat Procrastination.

18 Oct 2018

Eating Your Way to Happiness

What's the link between food and mental health and does changing the way we eat affect it?

Jonny Benjamin on Talking About Suicide

Jonny Benjamin is an influential activist and mental health campaigner, read his story here.

8 Aug 2018

8 Years of Insomnia to 8 Hours Sleep a Night

Our Chief Content Officer talks about his personal journey with sleep and insomnia.

Stress: A Matter of Perception

The World Health Organisation refers to stress as the “health epidemic of the 21st century”, but how do you perceive stress?

20 Jul 2018

A Data Scientist Spotlight on The Unmind Index

Find out about some of the amazing work Juan and the Data team at Unmind do.

Sleep, Stress and Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is often described as a ‘lifestyle disease’, but other factors outside of our control play a role too.

17 Jul 2018

Meet our New Head of Psychology

With a clinical background in the NHS, we can't wait for Dr Heather Bolton to start work on our content.

13 Jul 2018

(Un)mind the Gap

Find out how to narrow the gap between our attention and what's happening in the present.

26 Feb 2018

Reflections on Overcoming Anorexia

Team member Vicki Pope has shared her personal experience of beating anorexia.

25 Feb 2018

What's The Craze About Praise?

Praise helps you feel good about yourself, and all of your hard work, especially in the workplace.

29 Dec 2017

Unmind in 2017

Find out what life at Unmind was like in 2017 and what's in store for 2018.

14 Dec 2017

Stress: Behaviour and Mindset

The role that our own behaviours and mindset play when it comes to our experience of stress.

A New Dawn for Preventative Mental Wellbeing

How we define mental health, and why adopting an aspirational approach is so important.

28 Oct 2017

Phantom Limbs and Virtual Reality

Technology is fast-moving read how virtual reality is being used for treating phantom limb syndrome.

23 Oct 2017

The Rise of AI within health care

Explore how technology has pushed the envelope of what is possible in health and mental wellbeing.

The Secret to Happiness

Do the secrets to happiness lie within genetics, circumstances or both? Find out what makes up happiness.

Our Top Tip for Greater Work Wellbeing

It's not easy to achieve a perfect working environment but with this one tip, you'll be well on your way.

2 Oct 2017

A Changing Landscape of Mental Health

The landscape of mental health at work is changing, find out more here.

29 Sep 2017

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about noticing your thoughts and feelings, non-judgmentally and has lots of benefits.

27 Sep 2017

The Best Way to Cope With Stress

Knowing the role of stress in the development of mental health problems is important for our understanding of how to cope.