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Digital mental health training: Why it works, and how to implement it successfully at your organisation

We take a look at the benefits behind digital mental health training, how it works, and how you can implement it successfully in your organisation.

3 Dec 2020

How to make self-care a priority when caring for others

In today's world, it's not always easy to prioritise self-care – especially when caring for others. In this post, we outline how and why to do it.

1 Dec 2020

5 things you might not know about burnout

Burnout is impacting more people than ever – especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. We talk to Culture Amp’s Charlotte Mosley to find out more.

30 Nov 2020

Why team Oardacity is rowing the Atlantic for mental health

Why four men are taking on the ultimate challenge to support mental health

Four men, one boat, and the Atlantic Ocean. Find out why team Oardacity are manning the oars for mental health a 3000-mile epic voyage.

25 Nov 2020

Four stories of cancer, health, and mental health - part four: Justin

In our final Movember post, testicular cancer survivor Justin Birckbichler tells us how life after cancer brought some surprising mental health challenges.

23 Nov 2020

Easing Loneliness with psychologist Dr Guy Winch

In this post, Dr Guy Winch explains his personal approach to mental wellbeing with the launch of his new series 'Easing Loneliness' on the Unmind platform.

18 Nov 2020

5 reflections on our conversation with Dr Fabienne Palmer and Winston Clements

We recap our recent webinar featuring Dr Fabienne Palmer and Winston Clements on empathy, and why it's important for a mentally healthy workplace.

17 Nov 2020

Four stories of cancer, health, and mental health - part three: Kevin

In the third post of our Movember series, we talk to Kevin on how his cancer diagnosis changed his outlook on health and mental health.

16 Nov 2020

How Simply Business cultivated a culture of wellbeing through Covid

Kelly discusses how Simply Business is bolstering its wellbeing strategy to support its people through Covid – and beyond. 

How we're supporting Movember at Unmind

It's Movember - and it's time for our team to grow some facial hair in support of men's mental and physical health. Here's how we're marking the month.

10 Nov 2020

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