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Launching Unmind #3: How Entain framed the benefits of a healthy mind

In part 3, we look at how Entain (formerly GVC Holdings) used internal comms and content to frame the benefits of nurturing mental health.

25 Feb 2021

4 reasons why compassion is key to your mental wellbeing

In this post, we explore the findings of our latest webinar with Michaela Thomas, and understand how kindness can have an impact on our mental wellbeing.

25 Feb 2021

5 minutes with... fashionpreneur and mental health campaigner George Hodgson

Fashionpreneur and mental health campaigner George Hodgson takes the Unmind hotseat to talk about his story, his favourite books and his self-care routine.

23 Feb 2021

Launching Unmind #2: How M&S planned for success

Part 2 of our series looks at how M&S bolstered their mental and financial wellbeing strategy following a month-long launch campaign.

18 Feb 2021

Launching Unmind #1: Virgin Media's compelling comms strategy

This series explores the ways clients have rolled out the Unmind platform to promote mental health at work. Part 1 looks at Virgin Media's creative comms.

12 Feb 2021

Children's Mental Health Week - parenting and childhood picture

Parenthood, children, and mental health: four experiences

As Children's Mental Health Week draws to a close, we talk to four Unmind parents, who share their perspectives on parenthood, children, and mental health.

5 Feb 2021

An image depicting children's drawings about their mental health

How to talk to your children about mental health

With 1st to 7th February marking Children’s Mental Health Week, we talk to Dr Mark Johnson about on how we can talk to children about mental health.

2 Feb 2021

Redefining resilience: Why we need to take a whole-person approach

Why are leaders rallying around resilience? What’s wrong with our understanding of it? How can employers take steps to support wellbeing at work?

Creating healthy habits that last - a handbook by Unmind

Five steps you need to follow to build healthy habits that last

In our newest guide developed with Dr Heather McKee, we outline the five steps to follow when you want to start a new healthy habit.

28 Jan 2021

5 daily habits that help boost your mental wellbeing

5 daily habits that help boost your mental wellbeing

Habits make up around 40% of our daily routine. When it comes to our mental health, a single change can make a huge impact. Here are five habits to try.

19 Jan 2021

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